Tech Labs

What They Are:

These 2-3 hour sessions are meant to be hands-on guided learning for students. The goal is to teach students new skills by allowing them to work through real-life offensive or defensive simulations. Your class can teach how to exploit a “system,” how to hunt down an attacker, how to look for evidence once an attacker has compromised a system, and more. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

What We're Looking For:

Each Tech Lab instructor will lead the class through a set of (instructor-provided) written instructions. Your job—in addition to creating the labs—is to give each student personal attention and help guide them when they have questions, get stuck, or just need a new idea or method to approach the problem.

InfoSec World attendees range from very technical with strong offensive skills to those who were thrust into security from some other, even managerial, discipline. As you submit your Tech Lab proposal, design challenges that can be accomplished by various levels of skill set; we want to ensure that anyone who attends your session can accomplish tasks and learn something, regardless of beginning technical ability.

The lab needs to be accomplished within the given time period (2-3 hours, you will choose your preferred length on the submission form). We are not looking for labs so challenging they cannot be completed in the designated timeframe. Based on past experience, we know that people like to be able to finish a project; allowing them to do so will increase their satisfaction and your evaluation scores.


How To Submit:

On the CFP submission form, you will submit only a title, abstract, and bullet points describing your lab. If your lab is chosen, you must be prepared to submit a full outline/agenda by October 1, 2018.

Please note that if your lab is chosen you will be required to provide the entire environment for the lab, including but not limited to infrastructure (including connectivity), configured virtual machines, providing the lab on a USB, or any other desired delivery method.

Submit your proposal now!

If you have any questions at all, please email Jennifer Colligan at

Chuck Brooks
Chuck Brooks
Brand Ambassador
Cybersecurity Collaborative

Jonathan Cran
Head of Research
Kenna Security

Will Daugherty
Will Daugherty
Norton Rose Fulbright

Parham Eftekhari
Mr. Parham Eftekhari
Executive Director
Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT)

Dan Fein
Dan Fein
Director of Email Security Products

Randy Ferree
Mr. Randy Ferree
Third-Party Risk Management Offering Manager

Anthony Fox
Anthony Fox
Strategic Business Manager
F-Secure Countercept

Mark Kelton
Mark Kelton
Retired Senior Executive
Central Intelligence Agency

Jake Kouns
Risk Based Security

Ken Liao
Mr. Ken Liao
VP of Cybersecurity Strategy
Abnormal Security

Sam Masiello
Sam Masiello
Gates Corporation

Alex Moss
Managing Partner
Conventus Corporation

Laurence Pitt
Laurence Pitt
Technical Security Lead
Juniper Networks

Badri Raghunathan
Badri Raghunathan
Director Product Management – Container and Serverless Security

Robb Reck
Robb Reck
Red Canary

Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria

winn schwartau
Mr. winn schwartau
SAC Labs

Christine Vanderpool
Christine Vanderpool
Florida Crystals